BI, Big Data & Analytics

Extensive experience with database administration, patching, backup and recovery, Golden Gate, replication, standby configuration and performance tuning on Exadata appliances.

Performance Tuning

An indepth and comprehensive audit is performed to identify inhibitors which contribute to cumualtive performnce degradation.
The audit provides insight into the findings, recommendations and proposed resolutions inclusive of risk assessments.
In addition, the physical aspects of database structures are scrutinized for
design flaws and violations of modeling techniques.

Our performance tuning strategy includes consideration of the mid-tier stack. Similarly, Application Servers are audited for overall
architecture, configuration and capability of concurrently ingesting and consuming large amounts of data for final presentation to webservers.

Apex Application Development

Oracle APEX Application Development (APEX SERVICE) allows the rapid development of highly efficient applications for use with On-Premise and Cloud-based databases.
Our experienced developers will review and create applications consistent with pre-determined business requirements.
Working closely with Business Analysts and Project Managers, application functionality can be easily modified and re-deployed with adherence to version control policies.

SQL & PL/SQL Development

Whether developing simple or complex PL/SQL objects or SQL, our experienced developers will ensure supporting indices are used for optimal query performance.
Producing an explain plan to validate the code trajectory is an essential part of development and our developers' delivery.

Technical Support

As our Client, contacting Oracle Support on your behalf requires a valid license and a support subscription.
Should you choose to engage us for technical support, we would be happy to assist.
A fully executed idemnity waiver is a pre-requisite.

Engaging us

Please use our Contact form to engage us for services or technical support.